Red!- Love or Danger??

Everything now around me was white… white ceiling.. white sheets.. people in white clothes… A white liquid hung above my head… attaching a white rod inserted in my arms.. It was a hospital the picture matches that of which i saw in television.. but this was the first time i am inside it and i didnt like it.. so i chose to close my eyes..
Where was the red.. the last time i closed my eyes.. all i saw was.. Red.. It makes me shudder to think about even now the color of red no longer denotes love as i always thought it was..
Red is danger! Red is bloodcurling.. red is fierce.. red is what makes fear run my veins.. it is what took away my mothers life..
We were the family of 5.. my father mother and we 3 sisters.. we were rich I’d say.. we had 2 cows.. 12 chickens.. a good house.. a small kitchen and a small outhouse where 6 days a month my mother.. my sisters used to go and have a secret picnic all by themselves.. when i asked they always told me.. one day you shall have yours too and i used to be delighted..
My favourite color was red.. i loved when my mother wore the red saris.. i loved my tiny red bangles.. and i loved my doll with the red ribbons on her frizzy hair.. i loved the red saris my sisters wore when they got married.. the symbol of love was red, my mother said when my sisters went away.. i loved red..
Until that day.. mother went to the secret house.. i was all alone.. father had gone for a few days to the city.. i was alone.. i was hungry.. i cooked up some rice.. but i didnt want to eat alone.. i thought it would be a good idea to have a picnic with mother in the outhouse..
Father had never allowed me to go there when my mother and sister had their stay.. but that day he wasnt here and i knew mother would not mind.. i packed the food and went there..
It was dark.. and the door was small… no windows..the door was shut.. i wondered if mom was not there.. i called out to her.. but there was no reply.. i knocked the small door.. still there was no reply.. just a smell that hit right up my nose..
Putting down the food i pushed open the door.. i could see my mothers leg from the small crack of the opening.. perhaps she was asleep i thought..
Then thats when i saw.. the leg was covered in blood.. the blood was seeping through her green sari.. i pushed open the door and the pungent smell hit me hard..
More than the smell.. the empty eyes of my mother staring right back at me.. the entire leg and her body covered in red… the floor covered in blood.. her motionless hands clutching the hem of her drenched sari..
Red… everywhere was red.. and red.. my mother bled to death..
I opened my eyes.. it was white again.. i saw the face of my sister weeping beside me.. everything was alright now everything is gone.. my sister had on white.. lost were the color of love.. no longer red.. i hate the red.. it made my mother dead.. i hate the red.. the color which made my mother bled..
So red it is.. the colour the child feared.. she saw her mother bleed to death.. is it the color to blame.? As the innocent child has blamed the color that took the life?
We are mature enough to understand that it isnt the color that we hold account of her mother’s death.. its the evil custom that hides underneath the fierceness of red.. the Chaupadi system.. The secret picnic spot, the Chaupadi for when period happens.. There wouldnt have been a reason of death had her mother been at the safety of house taking care of her hygiene well during her periods..
The child knew not what the main reason of death was.. but we do… shouldn’t we do something more than to just sympatize the child’s loss? Shouldn’t we be eradicating this fierce red tradition that may be the next target of another child?
We need to stop the chaupadi during menstruation.. Stop the color red from changing to the color of hatred and danger.. Change it into the color of love for a better world to live in!!


Ragged love

There is that pain of love

That never leaves me so

The time with you is priceless

Yet its a price im not ready to pay

That feeling of completeness cones with you

But you never felt the same

You’re complete just as you are

Without me included with you

Everytime i await to cherish your love

Everytime it ends up as always

Empty and to a full stop

A little break in the heart

Wouldnt have mattered so much

Im ready to crush my heart if its for you

Yet you didnt want just a crush did you?

You wanted the entire heart to yourself

But why am i surprised.. it was always that

Nothing more so new

Maybe i expected your heart in return

Well its my fault that i did

You were never mine before

Never will be i guess

Yet i cling on to the fact

I still love you

wishing you would give my heart back..

The world seems so cruel

To me and my love

Everything seems like a joke

And im the clown going on and on with no stop..

My life has been clasped in a string

And im puppeting to your moves today

You made me a rag doll didnt you?

And crushed my love in every possible way..

Love? Yes sure it is..

And surely i could feel

The quiver of your smile

The flame that shouldnt burn

Yet the heart did go and ignite

The burst of the desire

Hard through my mind

The enigma of the time

Playing the moments in rewind

The labyrinth of love

Trespassing the aura of confusion

The game of dominos of time

Cherishing the victory in love they won..

I did drown in that pool of yours

No swim could bring me to the shore

For the waters were of love

And i was drowned in it even more

The hurricane of your touch

Erupted cyclones in me

There is so much of our disasters

Yet left by the world to forsee

We wouldnt have met at all

Had it not been you who came

It wouldve been much better

Had i not told you my name

Now everything that matters

Is the fact your name is with mine

You and i am to be together

With our souls left to entwine

Nobody shall know

If the world would accept us anyway

For we are the lovers that cant meet

Among the dangers and disciplines that lay

Nothing better!!

Nothing could be better

Than this thunder, ornamenting the rain

The lightening set up the wonders

And you set my heart on flame..

Nothing could be better

Than a broken heart out here

Waiting for your soul to collide

More fierecely than this raging rain

Nothing could be better

Than the impounding cry of your name

Surging out everytime i say it

With a mind going all blank and lame

Nothing could be better

Than that touch of yours

Your feel of skin on mine

I could cherish for days and even years

Nothing could be better

Than the tears that fall

In the agony of missing you

Once and for all

Nothing could be better

Than feeling this heartbeat

Waiting to wrap myself around you

when we shall finally meet

Nothing can be better

Than the dreams you reign at night

Entwining myself in yourself

Nothing can be oh so right

Nothing can be better

Than this moment here today

I have always awaited letting you know

I love you today tomorrow and every other day!!!

That one man..

She could have made it right

But she chose to leave it as it is..

She could’ve dreamt much ahead

But she chose to abandon her dream…

She could’ve saved herself

But she chose not to scream..

She could’ve spoken a treasury of words,

But she chose to remain quiet..

She could’ve stood up for herself

But the guy never let her try..

She could’ve fought back like a tiger

But she chose to be wounded and just cry..

She could’ve burnt down her memories

But she chose to let it ignite…

She could’ve lived in the present

But she chose her past..

She could’ve stopped the tears pouring

But she chose to scar us all..

She could’ve seen a future ahead

But she chose closing her eyes at last..

She could’ve proved her innocence

When she was given a second chance..

She could’ve fought for her rights

But she didn’t seem it to be right..

She could have lived her life again

But because of that one man she chose to die..


The stars shine alight

They have the reason

The love of their life- the moon

The flowers open so pretty

They have the reason

The power of the sunlight – to bloom

My smile glows so bright

It has a reason behind..

Someone that brings it everytime

Someone that rules my heart and mind

My tears sparkle with pain

It has a reason as well

Someone i miss so much

There is no limits that i can tell..

Dare or nothing

And everything went so dark…

Every light was gone

Not a sight of spark anywhere

Even the stars faded to the moon..

And there he stood ..

Alone… and.. alone…

Like a lamp post with no lights on

And there he looked

On … and.. on…

Towards my window

Until i felt the chills all gone..

So dark it was..

Yet i could see his stare..

Nothing could be brighter I felt..

Than his glint that carried a dare…

A dare that said..

Come and find me..

For I’m that lonely soul

You’re desparetely searching for..

A dare that compelled..

The stars to shrink away…

For he was that darkness

That no one dares to say…