Perhaps she was right,

She always was and so is now

I was born on that cursed night

With a cursed heart and a cursed mind

It wasn’t so true before

Or maybe it was me who didn’t notice

Day by day here my silence reigns

And I start underatanding life has much more curses to say..

It was all right or so I imagined

I was blessed to be born out here

But it was hard to know I was wrong

And she was right

Everything is pure and blessed

Except me- A dark spot in the white..

The drapes of white forever in life

Is what I get of loving someone- just once

Not a smile, not a bubble of joy

Everything plain and plain just white

Perhaps a bit color wouldn’t have hurt

But no! I am cursed!

It has to hurt

No wonder love stranded me so deep

Alone.. alone.. alone..

I have all life to cherish

With curses and endless tears to weep..

There must have been my fault somewhere

For why would i be cursed just like that?

I ask her again and again

But only answer is silence…

One more curse to my agonized pain..

I watch the blessed ones pass by

Cursing me? Or perhaps my broken life..

I am incapable of love perhaps

Always alone.. alone.. alone..

Being nobody’s lover nor anybody’s wife.

Where can I free my curse?

I want to know really bad

But who has the answer to my question?

Well nobody.. and this truth has me all hopeless and mad…

I shan’t want to die -loveless

For i know i can love as well

But who’d give a cursed one that love?

It’s again with an answer no one can tell….


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