And why would’nt life seem dark?

Darker than the colour black could be

The angering clouds intensifing the thunder

The raindrops pelleting right down at me

I wish an umbrella could save me though

From the clashes of sounds people whisper around

I wish I could shut off to that crowd

Where I’m so lost but nobody hears me cry out loud

I wish I could dance free out in the rain

Yet that strings instruct me to move

Move in a way, that gives me freedom- NO just Pain..

I wish my words would speak my language

Yet I find myself utter something so different

Yet the words seems to bring smiles on faces

Because thats all that the people had wanted to hear

I wish my eyes visioned that path of happiness

Yet I find there are stony walls of obligations everywhere

Cannot I see the blissful ending even with my spects

I see only that what the people make me dream of nightmare

I wish I could walk towards the way to any paradise

Yet paradise doesn’t seem so easy to get to

The tickets to get there- cannot I afford

And waiting for my chance- I bet i would already meet the Lord

I wish I could smile all the time anywhere

But life doesn’t seem to offer me that miracle yet

The tears seem to fight off my tiny big eyes

Reminding me this world itself is a joke smiling in lies…

– Lirisha


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