Did you say… you feel its a curse to be born a Female? A girl? A daughter? A woman?

Am I a feminist? Well yes and no.. Depends on how you give the definition of a Feminist.

A journey of 2 months changed my perceptive of thinking towards being born a Female, being a girl, a daughter and finally to be a woman.

The realization that, a woman is not just a word that the men can use to dominate but woman is actually a wow version of man.. Woo! – Man

As crazy as it sounds its actually true,

Experiencing that moments to capture the womanhoodness among the people of Namjung village in Gorkha made me absolutely astonished and proud to say – Yes females are worth it!!

The 2 month volunteering was not just building the handwashing stations and improving the water facilities out there, it was to learn how Age isn’t a barrier if you have that will to do something.

Sure enough we were in that community where youths were hugely absent, just the people above 35 age. No denying we youths had a hard time doing the tasks of building stations but still it was a surprise to watch the zeal of even the old women and men carry heaps of sand, cements, rocks all the way up and down the hills on their barren crackling feets.

Taking up time from their daily chores, the way women came to help us kids was a appreciative moment. Maybe their hands were soiled in buffalo dungs, they were with unique grass cutting tools (Hasiya) in their hands, carring huge amounts of fodders for their cattle they never failed to put up a smile and inspire us- No matter how tired they themselves were. Just a small rock maybe- But their kindness was large enough for us to work harder and give them a piece of happiness in seeing their community develop a bit.

Sad part was – there weren’t much people to see what the women could really do.

Nepal, that country with diverse and unique culture and rich traditions yet it falls under that lacking capability to recognize the equality between men and women.

Women are dominated by men – considered weaker,even at some point my perceptive was similar..yes, women are a bit weaker than men. But after the time out there in Gorkha – my perceptive changed to – Really? Women are a bit weaker than men? Who says???

I realize it is the women themselves that under estimate themselves and stay being self dominated rather than men dominated. Somewhere its their own fault that they chose to stay in this way. But somewhere its not completely their fault, because the society doesn’t allow them to lift themselves up.

The way we got astonished by their physical and mental power to balance all the works, they were astonished seeing us young girls coming out a long way – unmarried and educated and almost independent and working our sweat off to help people who we didn’t even know.

It was a win-win situation, where one complimented the other female.

Perhaps it is just my personal feeling or perhaps it really did change… In the era of 2 months I felt, there certainly came a change in women perceptives living out in thar rural part of the country to think… Really? ARE WOMEN WEAKER THAN MEN?

So now when I am standing with the breeze of the air of my urban city ruffle through my hair, I drift back to those days where I cherish the pride in being a female and secretly woo myself and every single other women for being born what they have… A FEMALE indeed.


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